What are the washing machine accessories

1. Motor and capacitor: The motor is the driving force, which can drive the ferry to wash and dehydrate clothes. Capacitors Generally, washing machines use a single capacitor starting type, whose main function is to increase the starting torque of the motor.

2. Program controller: abbreviated as program controller, which is the central component of the washing machine system. The operation of the entire washing machine is controlled by the program controller. Its structure is relatively complex, and there are mechanical (electric) and computer (electronic) types. Minute.

3. Water level switch: In order to control the water volume, a water level switch is also designed. The water level switch generally has 3 to 4 gears. When in use, the water level can be selected according to the amount of clothing. When the specified water level is reached, the water level switch will cut off the circuit of the electromagnetic water inlet valve to stop the water intake. After that, through the programmer, the motor circuit is turned on to start the washing operation.

4. Safety switch: It is mainly used for safety protection. When the cover of the washing machine is opened, the washing machine will stop dehydration, cut off the power supply, and put the electromagnet circuit in the brake state, which ensures the safety of use Sex.

5. Electromagnetic water inlet valve: The electromagnetic water inlet valve is located at the rear of the upper cover of the washing machine and is designed for the automatic control system of the washing machine water inlet. When water is needed, the program controller connects its circuit and can open the water inlet channel to fill the washing machine with water.

6. Drain electromagnet: connected with the drain valve, used to open and close the drain valve, the main function is to hold or relax the dehydration shaft through the brake belt to complete the dehydration preparation and brake work.

Post time: Jul-27-2020